The Ultimate Opportunity!

NO Employees

The Interface franchise is normally run exclusively by the owner (the franchisee) and, as such, no employees are needed.

The Ultimate Opportunity!

NO Premises

The Interface franchise represents a home-based business opportunity, bringing with it the multiple benefits of working from a home-based location in a business-to-business environment.

The Ultimate Opportunity!

NO Inventory

The Interface franchise does not require the purchase of inventory.

The Ultimate Opportunity!

NO Long Hours

The Interface franchise is all about putting capital to work - not putting YOU to work. Franchisees will be engaged in their business only during the usual core business hours - 5 days a week.

Welcome to The Interface Financial Group® - the ultimate professional franchise

If you see yourself as an entrepreneur with a desire to help small businesses grow and prosper, while your own business prospers, then the Interface opportunity might be the right vehicle for you.

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A Few Thoughts from the President

Thoughts from the President about IFG's unique Invoice Discounting Program.